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HSIN has emerged as a leading domestic provider of  Medical Dry Film or Inkjet Film, Medical Thermal Film, Medical Laser Film, Inkjet Printer, and Thermal Printer. With years of accumulated expertise and cutting-edge R&D, HSIN manufactures high-quality medical X-ray films and medical printers.

Advantages of HSIN medical films:

  • Quick, high-quality printing with HSIN-specified ink and free Dicom Printing software using Epson/Cannon Printers.
  • Cost-saving benefits.
  • User-friendly operation, with engineer assistance setting AE, IP, and Port for CR, CT, and MRI consoles.
  • Outstanding quality and stable performance, offering a comprehensive one-stop solution for medical imaging needs.

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HSIN’s medical dry film, thermal film, laser film, & printers have become our go-to choice for medical imaging. The cost-saving advantage has allowed us to invest in other critical areas of our facility. We highly recommend HSIN to all medical professionals seeking reliable and advanced solutions.

Dr. Michael Chen

Radiologist – CityScan Diagnostics

HSIN’s medical imaging solutions have been a game-changer for our hospital. The exceptional image quality have significantly improved our diagnostic accuracy. We can now offer our patients more precise treatment plans, leading to better outcomes. 

Dr. Emily Johnson

Cardiologist – HeartCare Hospital

As an orthopedic surgeon, precision is paramount in my work. HSIN’s outstanding image quality and performance have been crucial in diagnosing complex orthopedic conditions accurately. I wholeheartedly endorse HSIN to my colleagues.

Dr. David Roberts

Chief Technologist – Wellness Imaging Center

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