HSIN Medical Dry Film Silver Bearing PET Imaging



Experience high-quality medical imaging with HSIN Medical Dry Film. Our film is composed of a silver-bearing PET base material with a protective layer, ensuring durability and excellent image clarity. With a maximum transmission density of ≥3.0 D and a minimum transmission density of 0.11-0.19 D, our film provides accurate and detailed results. The 210±8 μm thickness and ≤20% haze further enhance the imaging experience.

HSIN Medical Dry Film is designed for various medical imaging applications, including X-ray, CT, and MRI. With its compatibility with black ink, it ensures optimal results in a range of diagnostic procedures. Whether you are a healthcare professional, radiologist, or patient seeking quality imaging, our film meets the highest standards.

Key Features

  • SILVER-BEARING PET BASE: Constructed with a silver-bearing PET base material, our film offers exceptional imaging quality and clarity.
  • DURABLE PROTECTIVE LAYER: The protective layer safeguards the film, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to damage.
  • MAXIMUM TRANSMISSION DENSITY: Achieve accurate and detailed imaging with a maximum transmission density of ≥3.0 D.
  • MINIMUM TRANSMISSION DENSITY: The film’s minimum transmission density range of 0.11-0.19 D ensures precise diagnostic results.
  • OPTIMAL THICKNESS: With a thickness of 210±8 μm, our film provides the perfect balance of flexibility and durability.
  • REDUCED HAZE: Experience clear and sharp imaging with a haze level of ≤20%.
  • VARIOUS SIZES AVAILABLE: Choose from our range of sheet sizes, including 13×17in, 11×14in, 10×12in, and 8×10in, to suit your specific imaging requirements.


HSIN provides medical dry imaging blue film system.

  • Sizes(Sheet): 13×17in, 11×14in, 10×12in, 8×10in;
  • Application Fields: X-ray, CT, MRI, etc. (With black ink)

Benefit from our HSIN Medical Dry Film’s exceptional image quality and reliability. Capture accurate diagnostic results and make informed medical decisions. Invest in the best for your medical imaging needs.

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