HSIN Medical Thermal Printer



Introducing the HSIN Medical Thermal Printer, a cutting-edge tabletop dry imager that revolutionizes film printing. This printer is designed to support multiple film sizes, providing unparalleled versatility for your medical imaging needs. With the option to expand to two magazines, it allows for efficient and seamless printing of various film formats. This Thermal Printer utilizes a state-of-the-art recording method, ensuring high-quality and accurate imaging results. Its new concept tabletop design makes it an innovative addition to any medical facility or imaging center, providing a compact and efficient solution for film printing.

Key Features

  • SUPPORTS MULTIPLE FILM SIZES: The HSIN Medical Thermal Printer is engineered to handle various film sizes, offering flexibility and adaptability for a wide range of medical imaging applications. It can print 14×17, 11×14 & 8×10 size DI-HT thermal film
  • EXPANDABLE TO TWO MAGAZINES: Enhance productivity with the option to expand the printer to accommodate two magazines, allowing for continuous printing without interruptions.
  • EFFICIENT RECORDING METHOD: The printer employs a cutting-edge recording method, guaranteeing exceptional image quality and precise details for accurate diagnoses.
  • NEW CONCEPT TABLETOP DESIGN: Experience the convenience of a tabletop dry imager with the HSIN Thermal Printer’s innovative design. It offers a space-saving and user-friendly solution.

Embrace the future of film printing with the HSIN Medical Thermal Printer. Its versatility, expandability, and innovative tabletop design make it the ideal choice for medical facilities seeking a reliable and efficient solution for film imaging.

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